Tuesday, January 11

Cocktails and Birthday Preparations

My birthday is in just over a month and since I'm turning 21 my thoughts are turning toward alcohol. Although most people go out on their birthday and get totally trashed, I don't think I'll be doing that. See, my birthday is on a Monday and on Valentines Day, which means that going out on my actual birthday would be... really sad. 

So I'm probably gonna stay in and drink some classy drinks with a few of my friends on my birthday. I asked for the Savoy Cocktail Book and I'm looking forward to mixing up a Blushing Monarch or a Montreal After Dark

In the mean time I can continue to lust after everything at Liquirious. Maybe this Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sour or a Blackberry Sage Martini


  1. Wow! Congrats on soon turning the big twenty-one! When I turned 21, I was starting a summer internship at the Portland Oregonian. My brother had helped drive me up there from California. And my birthday was the day before I started work. I remember him buying me a beer at a local seafood restaurant. Your first legal drink is always something special. You can tell, as I still remember mine. ;)

  2. Thanks for reading! A first drink in Portland, Oregon at seafood restaurant doesn't sound too shabby! I'll probably have a margarita at lunch at the kinda crappy Mexican restaurant near my campus. Super exciting, haha!