Monday, January 10

The King's Speech

I went to see The King's Speech on Saturday evening and holy moly; it was incredible. I thought it might just be getting a lot of nominations because it's English and lovely and independent enough to be cool but mainstream enough to be seen, but it's completely understandable why it's doing so well. Also Helena Bonham Carter's costumes were stunning and I'd quite like all of them in my wardrobe. 

What was possibly more incredible was the fact that my friend, Sam, and I were able to eat an entire bag of popcorn, pretzel M&Ms and a bag of gummy animals. I hardly ever buy snacks at the movie, but Sam and I harked back to high school days and got some over-priced food and oh god it was delicious. And totally terrible. But delicious.

(By the way, how amazing is that poster? Absolutely beautiful.)

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