Wednesday, January 12

Music That I Love No. 1

No. 1 : Josh Ritter - The Curse 
This is one of the loveliest songs which just sort of lulls along on the first listen and you think, 'Ah, this is pretty.' Then in your second and third listen you pay attention to the lyrics and then you see the video and suddenly it all clicks. The little trumpety solo is beautifully placed and nothing's overdone or overproduced and it just is what it is. Lovely. I think I like simple songs way too much. Give me a guitar and a voice(and maybe a trumpet) over a huge mush of noise any day.

Long ago on the ship she asked, "Why pyramids?"
He said, "Think of them as an immense invitation,"
She asks, "Are you cursed?" He says, "I think that I'm cured,"
Then he kissed and hoped that she'd forget that question

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